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Recharge your body, mind and soul through my day-long workshops or FREE evening sessions.


If you need a quick boost – a chance to recalibrate, refocus and re-energize – come and spend a day or an evening with me and a small group of other inspirational people.


I hold regular workshops around the world. While each workshop explores a different theme, they all help to soothe your soul, move your body and open your mind.

My principles of Clarity, Energy and Impact play a strong part:


Clarity – about what we want, how we want it and with whom – is essential to living an empowered, meaningful life.


Energy – in the form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy – needs to be consciously built and directed. We need energy to be productive and impactful – and we also need to make sure we’re investing our energy in the right things.


Impact is about living a life that matters. We all need to understand how to make our own unique contribution to the world and have a lasting impact upon it.

Thinking deeply about Clarity, Energy and Impact allows us to make decisions that come from an open heart, a vital body and a calm mind. They help us to lead purposefully and initiate greater positive change in our lives and businesses.


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My workshops are held in beautiful, calm locations – away from “real life” but easily accessible.

A typical day consists of:

  • 10am: Arrive and get to know each other
  • Morning yoga, meditation and relaxation session
  • Clarity session – thinking about “What do I really want? What is my vision? Where do I stand?”
  • Lunch – and learning about nourishing food
  • Energy session – learning about the importance of having enough energy and simple ways of generating it
  • Impact session – thinking about “Now what? What’s next? How do I integrate the learnings of the day into my life?”

Through the day we work in different formats: coaching style, as a group, journaling individually, giving and receiving feedback, etc. We tap into body, mind and soul using our intuition and analytical mind.

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FREE evening sessions

My evening sessions are usually held in Zürich; they’re two hours long and completely free. Each session consists of a talk about a specific theme or an interview with a guest expert, followed by a discussion and insightful exercises based on the theme of the evening.

You’ll get flashes of inspiration and the opportunity to connect and share with likeminded people. These events are always lighthearted and fun: lots of laughter and plenty of new friends!

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Get notified about my next evening session!

My evening sessions are usually held in Zürich.

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