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FREE tips for more clarity, energy and impact.


Take a step back from the craziness, breathe deeply, and flourish.


I work with the high achievers of this world – the driven, successful business owners and employees who have multiple exciting projects and initiatives but no time to take a step back and exhale.

Through spending time with me, you’ll learn to manage your time and your mindset better, and you’ll be able to flourish in your business life while having the tools necessary to control feelings of overwhelm or frustration.

I help you to understand yourself and your needs better, feel more energized and be fulfilled in what you do both inside and outside of work.

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You’re struggling to balance your professional persona with your life outside of work – and you don’t feel “whole” as a result. You feel like you lack purpose or direction, and you don’t know how to deal with it. You’re successful, but you don’t feel fulfilled; you do important work, but something is missing. You’re concerned that your business or career is starting to plateau, but you don’t know where to start in improving it.

Over the course of 12 weeks we’ll work together to help you form a clear idea of what you want – both personally and professionally – and how to achieve it. I’ll provide you with strategies and systems to be more productive, efficient and successful at work – while also giving you more time to invest in yourself so that you can have more energy and feel calmer.

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You need to recharge, slow down, take a step back, and be inspired. You’ve been running around at 100mph and you’re desperate to unwind and focus on your physical and spiritual health.

My retreats are held in beautiful, nurturing locations. You’ll spend the week with a small group of likeminded people, participating in yoga, meditation, creativity sessions and plenty of relaxation.

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You need a quick boost and the opportunity to recharge your body, mind and soul. You want to connect with other people, be inspired and have some fun!

I host regular day-long workshops and FREE evening sessions around the world for just this purpose! Find out when my next event is, and book your place.

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My engaging and authoritative style is perfect for conferences (coaching, life and business), team days and networking/business events.

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Clarity – about what we want, how we want it and with whom – is essential to living an empowered, meaningful life.


Energy – in the form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy – needs to be consciously built and directed. We need energy to be productive and impactful – and we also need to make sure we’re investing our energy in the right things.


Impact is about living a life that matters. We all need to understand how to make our own unique contribution to the world and have a lasting impact upon it.

Thinking deeply about Clarity, Energy and Impact allows us to make decisions that come from an open heart, a vital body and a calm mind. They help us to lead purposefully and initiate greater positive change in our lives and businesses.