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Once upon a time, I did not have life all figured out

Sure, I was successful – and to anyone but the most intimate observer, I was having the time of my life. After all, I was traveling the world as a business executive and consultant while skillfully spinning plates as a university teacher, pilates instructor and wellbeing coach – and I was making an impressive income.


The reality wasn’t so wonderful.

I felt torn between two completely different lives. I was a high-achieving, motivated businesswoman, but I was equally interested in spirituality, health and well-being. And as much as I tried, I just couldn’t find a way to reconcile these two important parts of my personality.

So most of the time I lived in the “businesswoman” world and relegated the other important part of my life to any small, insignificant windows of time where I had a spare moment. I was constantly stressed and overwhelmed by my work, my future and my neglected relationships. I felt lonely and disconnected.


Enforced “time out” gave me the breakthrough I needed

silke-zanker-profile-2It took emergency back surgery followed by many months of forced bed rest for me to take a step back and assess my life. I knew that I didn’t want the daily doubts anymore; ditto the anxiety, the crazy busyness, and the feeling that I was “doing great” simply because I hadn’t dropped any of the plates in a while.

I craved a balance – the opportunity to participate in the exciting, fast-paced, think-on-your-feet life of business while being able to breath deeply and clear my thoughts through meditation, yoga, and healthy living. I wanted these two separate parts of my life to become one. I wanted to be more centered, and to enjoy all aspects of my life.


I began to see my life more holistically

With the help of some wonderful mentors, I gradually understood how my life is a complex system of interconnecting parts – and there are no quick fixes.

I was encouraged to ask the right questions about what I wanted from life, and to pay attention to the needs of my body and my heart. I saw that “Work” and “Life” seep into and affect each other – they can’t be separated into little self-contained boxes. If something isn’t right in one of them, it will affect the other.

All this had a huge effect on me: I realized that when I had clarity over what I wanted my life to look like and the sort of person I wanted to be, it was easier to make business decisions. It also allowed me to recognize when I was about to fall into the trap of working out of fear (that everything would fall apart if I didn’t dash around at 100mph) or working for the sake of working.


Clarity, Energy and Impact are the three principles I live and teach by

I came up with these principles after many years of working with my mentors and learning how to live a life that met all my needs:


Clarity – about what we want, how we want it and with whom – is essential to living an empowered, meaningful life.


Energy – in the form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy – needs to be consciously built and directed. We need energy to be productive and impactful – and we also need to make sure we’re investing our energy in the right things.


Impact is about living a life that matters. We all need to understand how to make our own unique contribution to the world and have a lasting impact upon it.

Thinking deeply about Clarity, Energy and Impact allows us to make decisions that come from an open heart, a vital body and a calm mind. They help us to lead purposefully and initiate greater positive change in our lives and businesses.


After many years of learning and developing, it’s time for me to help you achieve YOUR breakthrough

I continue to work on multiple projects and businesses today, but I have better “tools” and a different mindset to deal with the feelings of overwhelm or frustration that sometimes appear. I can identify when my thoughts and concerns are unhelpful and unproductive, and I’ve discovered my own ways of maintaining the balance that I used to crave.

I suffered for far too long without making the necessary changes in my life, and many of my friends and colleagues did too: it’s an unsurprising consequence of having too much on the go and feeling guilty about taking time out to prioritize yourself.

So six years ago I started up this business to help others achieve what took me so long. Through my principles of Clarity, Energy and Impact I help you “fine tune” your antenna so that you can understand yourself and your needs better, find more balance and be fulfilled in what you do.

It’s one thing to understand your needs, but quite another to learn how to satisfy them. So I also help you with strategies and systems to be more productive and efficient with your work – giving you more time to invest in yourself.


Life AND business: let’s tackle both together

I’m a certified Business and Life Coach, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor, and Yoga and Meditation Trainer. I’ve been working in business consulting and wellbeing coaching for nine years now, and running this business for the past six.

I bring all this experience, training and and education with me to you. By the end of our time together, you’ll have the clarity, energy and impact you’ve been craving, and the feeling of fulfilment you deserve.

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Work and training background

  • Advisor for startup companies, currently
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Leading Innovation and Change (York St John University, UK), 2014
  • Advanced NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching Certificate (Global NLP Training Institute, Netherlands), 2014
  • Meditation Teacher Training (Dru International, UK), 2013-2015
  • Yoga and Meditation Mastertraining (ParaYoga, USA), 2013-2015
  • TEDx Lausanne Curator and Host, 2011-2013
  • Certified “Perfect Health/Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor” (Chopra University, USA), 2010
  • Certified Business and Life Coach (Global NLP Training Institute, USA), 2009
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Global NLP Training Institute, USA), 2007-2009
  • Personal Trainer and Fitness Trainer; MasterAerobic, Dance, Step and Spinning Instructor; Pilates Instructor, 1999-2006
  • Dual Diploma in Business Administration (University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart, Germany), 1996-1999
  • I wanted to take my coaching business level to the next level. After a 6-month period, I doubled my income and developed a program that I feel very comfortable with. I appreciated her presence, her business knowledge as well as the relaxation and breathing techniques that she shared with me. It's been a fun and successful ride.

    Patricia SchwarzEntrepreneur & Coach
  • "My business was going well but I wanted to take it to the next level. I felt stuck. The questions, guidance and ideas I've got from her helped me to clarify one by one the challenges related to my business and my personal life. At the end, it all fell into place. It was a great journey! Silke is very structured, practical and an amazing listener. I could feel that she "walks the talk" and that was truly inspirational for me."

    Ioana HardyEntrepreneur, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • "Silke ignited a spark in my routine, mostly unconscious life. Being not sure about why I made decisions sometimes led to an inner and outer struggle, we started looking behind the curtain. A mind-changing, eye-catching journey began. Silke has a huge talent to reveal issues that bother you -  even those you aren't aware of. Her well-balanced style of teaching includes tools, which are immediately applicable and lead you to make tremendous progress as you go along. You know it's the same life, but it feels better, looks brighter and unfolds countless prospects. The jouney has just started..."

    Sven GManager, BMW, Germany
  • “I consider myself as a dynamic person. If I want something, I do the necessary things to obtain them. However, caught in my daily routine, I forgot to think about what I really wanted. Thanks to Silke, I took the time to think about my real needs, my passions, what drives me, what gives me energy, what makes me feel better and thus, the people around me too. One year later, I have taken a long sabbatical at work, reloaded my batteries, took massage courses, and now I am even starting my own business combined with my job! Every time I see Silke, I feel positive and motivated to work on my daily life to improve my future. Silke is a smiling, warm and interesting person. She is a perfect listener. She keeps me on track.”

    CharlotteProject manager, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • “I have had the opportunity to have work with Silke to further deepen and forward my leadership and personal growth. She brings clarity and collaboration to the table, which creates a highly successful coaching environment to take your career or company to new levels.  I would highly recommend working with Silke!"

    Alice HageMarketing Strategist, New York City, USA
  • "Before working with Silke I was in a place of overwhelm! My business was about to go into a growth phase and because of my workload I was personally lacking structure as to how to manage my days. I was ungrounded and was grieving the loss of my father who I lost a few months earlier.  Whilst there were fantastic opportunities in front of me I felt rather lost was completely unsure of how to get back on track. After working with Silke both in the context of one to one coaching, and a day long program for my team, I am in the rewarding process of putting structure into place which allows for growth both personally and professionally. Silke works with love, and genuine concern and understanding. As my business continues to develop, her ongoing journey of personal discovery leaves me feeling that I am in very safe hands."

    Doug ManuelFounder and Director of Sewa Beats International; Co-creator of 'Do You Speak Djembe?'
  • “This seminar enabled me to face what seemed like a huge mess and to look at it from a distance without the fear. And instead of jumping into it with both feet, to first sort things out, structure it and break it down into manageable chunks.”

    VincentDesigner, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Through my mentoring with Silke preparing for my TEDx talk I saw myself evolving from a beginning stage to where I was in the end. The difference after the session was so huge that sometimes you don’t even recognize the person you were before. I learnt how to release stress, gain energy and feel confident about me and my work. The biggest benefit I took from the 1on1 experience besides a very successful TEDx talk was learning how to overcome all obstacles that I might find when talking in public. I once heard “surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher” and so I did; you can be 100% ready but with Silke you will be 200% ready.

    António Augusto LopesTEDxLausanne Speaker
  • I actually used to be quite shy and was really afraid to speak in public. Through Silke’s course I learnt how to be more confident, improved my presentation skills and have now started to share my message in public and even appeared on TV. Other than her professionalism; she is kind, can give you many ideas and is very encouraging.

    Constance ChengHospitality Professional
  • Silke gave me the confidence to trust myself and speak about my experience with full power. I felt gently and kindly supported and would highly recommend working with her.

    Jane Saraswati ClaphamYoga and Meditation Teacher Trainer and Presenter
  • Silke is an experienced TEDx curator and knows what makes a good TEDx/TED talk. She will help you create the best script for the stage from your personal stories. I really enjoyed our sessions and how every session brought me closer to my final script. My biggest takeaway was the point to take the audience on a journey.

    SigrunBe inspired. Think big. Take action.
  • I turned to Silke for her assistance and expertise, after I was asked to be the keynote speaker at a global congress in Dubai.

    She made what seemed like an insurmountable task feel very easy by laying out a methodical approach, and she coached me through each step of the process.

    Her feedback was relevant, actionable and extremely helpful.

    The outcome was a keynote that was very well received and relatively easy to deliver. I would highly recommend Silke!"

    Darragh McGillicuddyHospitality Consultant and Hotel Operations Expert